Vimapel srl the first warehause for the leather-stock.
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Pieces of cow leather
Mixed cow leather
Half calves smooth
Half calves printed
Patent leather
Goat for clothing
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Our Services
We provide all our clients a service of shipping goods in sealed containers for greater assurance of integrity of the commodity. We are able to get the cargo at all major ports in the world. To view our merchandise, you must have a passport with the name and position on the holding of your manager and we'll give you an invitation to obtain a visa in our Country.
Our kinds of type of leather
Pieces of cow leather- 20%
Mixed cow leather - 5%
Suede - 5%
Half calves smooth - 25%
Half calves smooth- 10%
Goat- 20%
Patent leather- 10%
Goat for clothing- 5%
We have the privilege to show our stock.
Pieces mixed colours n Pieces
Pieces mixed colours n Pieces
boxes of pieces Pieces
Stock lots of goat skin Goat
mixed rolls of goat skin Goat
Printed Crocodile and Python Half-Calves-Printed
Black stock lots cow leather printed Half-Calves-Printed
Black stock lot cow leather printed Half-Calves-Printed
Stampato cocco mezzi vitelli nero Half-Calves-Printed
Spalle leggere ingrassate Half-Calves-Printed
Stampato cocco nabuk Half-Calves-Printed
Nabuk printed python Half-Calves-Printed
Cow half leathers printed dollar Half-Calves-Printed
Blue and red stock lots of bycast Bycast
Bycast stock lots Bycast
Black bycast stock lot Bycast
Mixed cow leathers Mixed
Mixed cow printed n Mixed
Mixed cow printed n Mixed
Mixed cow smooth Mixed
Stock lot of brown naplak Patent-leather
dark grey stock lot suede Suede
Dark grey suede Suede
Dark grey suede stock lot Suede
Cow half leathers stock lots Half-Calves-Smooth
Cow whole leathers Half-Calves-Smooth
Mixed rolls of goat on pallet Clothes
Mixed rolls of cow leather Clothes
Goats in bunch Clothes
Rolls of goat Clothes
Rolls in bunch Clothes
Mixed rolls of goat Clothes
Mixed rolls Clothes
Black dollar stock lot of cow leather Cow-leather
Mixed rolls cow leather 2 Cow-leather
Mixed rolls cow leather Cow-leather
Brown stock lot cow leather naplak Cow-leather
Cow leathers for garment Cow-leather
Mixed rolls and stock lots with grain Cow-leather
Stock lots of cow leather full grain Cow-leather
Red stock lot of cow leather Cow-leather
Mixed rolls and stock lot with grain Cow-leather
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